Saturday, 7 May 2011

Even more Flames of War.

Well the last batch of Flames of war models were all finished, hooray!!! Packed away safely in their cases and ready for use on the table top.

Well that is that for the German army or so I thought at the time.

Unfortunately for me, I had a meeting with Battlefront Miniatures on Thursday 5th May in Nottingham, well when I say unfortunate, I actually meant for my wallet and credit card, sigh, trust me to go with cash and credit card in pocket and a list of models that I wanted. ; )

Anyway sat on the table assembled and sprayed with grey automotive primer ready for undercoating are two more Tiger 1Es, (one of them being the Michael Wittman box set), two Hornisse tank hunters, one Wespe 10.5cm self propelled gun, (to go with the three I finished last week), and eight, yes eight Panzerwerfer 42 rocket launchers, for those times on the battlefield when you just have to have the biggest of the artillery templates, ( and it is a big one), and re-rolling misses, mind you the platoon is bloody expensive if you use all of them.

Heh my club mate at COGS with his huge Russian Strelkovy Infantry army is in for a bit of a shock, I can tell you.

Once this little lot is done is that it, no way, I need to get some aircraft and I am looking at getting some Panzer 4s for the early and Mid war periods, although five of each should do me there, then both my carry cases will be full to bursting. Which means I can address the mounting US 2nd Armoured Division that is sat in boxes and blisters awaiting attention.

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  1. And yet I have not seen these Panzerwerfer 42s yet...

    Oh and I understand Martin has also bought some!

    I guess I'll have to find something different for my Germans!