Thursday, 16 June 2011

Nearly finished the german FoW army, yeah right, pt2.

I really really have very nearly finished the FoW German army, honestly.

The five early war Panzer 4s and the five mid war Panzer 4s from the Plastic Soldier Company are fully assembled, primed and as of today fully undercoated with early/mid war German Grey, and ready for detail painting and weathering, hopefully these tanks will be finished by this weekend.

However while putting together a mid war army list for a game last week I realised that I was short a few models to complete platoons, and for transport.

I required a radio truck and two SDKFZ 250 half tracks for the Wespe motorized field artillery platoon, and I also needed two more Wespe's to make up two full sections.

I was also short six 3 ton Opel Blitz trucks for my other two motorized grenadier platoons, and as we are talking about doing a campaign using the new infantry aces campaign rules in the new Casino source book I also wanted a blister of the Infantry Aces figures.

So armed with my list I obtained the required blisters from Battlefront Miniatures on Wednesday when I returned the last batch of forty hills that I had refurbished for Battlefront ready for their Official European FoW GT in September.

So I have a small pile of vehicles to assemble and paint, but that is it, done and dusted.

The above should just about completely fill both my bags for the German army, and all I now need to buy is one box of Henschel HS 129B ground attack aircraft.

When this little lot is done I look at can getting to work on the US army I am building, the 2nd Armoured Division, 'Hell on Wheels' and the 82nd Airborne Division, unfortunately the list of models I need for my US army is getting longer and longer, ain't it always the case......