Monday, 30 May 2011

Nearly finished the german FoW army, yeah right...

So with the eight Panzerwerfer 42s safely tucked away in the carry case, all I had left to finish painting my German army was the additional crew bases for the rocket launchers, and one large base with tank ace Mikael Wittmann, another tank crew member and a Schwimmwagon and I was done, well apart from the flight of aircraft I still require, (need to buy those first though), and the ten Panzer 4s from the Plastic Soldier Company I picked up at Triples I was done.

In fact I was so convinced that I was about finished I started to buy some 15mm scenery, I picked up a small selection of ruins and ruined buildings from Triples last weekend. Being as I needed to do some work at home I did not go down to the workshop on Monday, so I started painting the buildings, by tea time Monday, I had two of the buildings finished and packed away and the third, a large western European garage/warehouse type of thing was ready for drybrushing and detailing/washing, and I got all the work done that I need to do, heh you cannot beat time management!

Tuesday/Wednesday evening saw the dry brushing done on the large warehouse building and most of the figures for the additional crew. By Saturday I had everything completed but the Mikael Wittmann figures and vehicle, looking good.

Then of course I went to Partizan on Sunday to run a Flames of War demo, I went with a small shopping list of scenery and paint that I wanted to get, I managed to get what I wanted and a bit besides. I came home clutching about 5 feet of fully painted river sections, six feet of unpainted road sections, (I did not like the very dark colour of the pre painted road so I decided to do it myself), and two further 15mm western European buildings. I am now getting respectable amount of 15mm scenery, I still need a bit more but they will wait for the next war games show, whenever that is!

The demo games went quite well, we had about eight people playing over the day, but by about 2.00/2.15pm the show went quiet, so I had another wander around the show, which was fatal for the wallet. I had been musing about maybe increasing the number of tank hunters in my German army as was still lacking for Mid war vehicles, and had been pondering what if anything to get to rectify the shortage. So sat fully assembled and ready to be primed, (well it has rained heavily here all day) are three Marder 2s and two Marder 3s both useable for both Mid/late war periods.

This I mean it, when those five tank hunters and the plastic Panzer 4s are done, my German army is complete, apart form the aircraft that is.....

Ah well its back to the workshop tomorrow as I have sixty large and medium hills to repair and/or repaint for Battlefront Miniatures.

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