Thursday, 19 May 2011

Busy few weekends coming up.

I am going to be a bit busy over the next few weekends, with a show per week to attend.

First up we have Triples in Sheffield on the 21st and 22nd May, where along with a couple of my COGS club mates we will be running a participation game all weekend. We are running a small fantasy skirmish game called 'Blood Feud' played on a 2 foot x 2 foot board where each player uses a small group of models, between four and six models per team. Blood Feud is a new version of a game we used to run at show's a few years ago called 'Grave Wars', its quite a manic game although I do have to say its lots of fun, and uses teams of psychopaths, lunatics and monsters, along with a variety of other more 'sane' teams. The Rule set has been written by my COGS club colleague Dave Wise (who is the GCN project leader for the Hammerhead show) and myself. Hopefully it should be a good weekend.

Next up we have the Partizan show on Sunday 29th May at Kelham Hall in Newark. At this show I will be running a demo game of 'Flames of War', late war period for Battlefront Miniatures. This will be the first time that I have run a demo game of this system, although relatively new to the game I have managed to play loads of games over the last couple of months and I am seriously getting into the system.

Final show is on the 5th June, this is Comicon in Wrexham in North Wales, where along with other GCN council members and GCN club members were are putting on three tabletop games for the organisers. There will be a 40K game, Warhammer Fantasy Battle game and the game I will be running is a Lord of the Rings SBG game. I have not decided on a scenario yet, I need to get something sorted soon. Part of the event celebrates the 10th anniversary of the release of the Fellowship of the Ring movie, however apart from 'The Last Alliance' prologue of the movie there is not as much scope for larger battles, so I may opt for doing something from The Two Towers, the battle of the Fords of Isen, or I may just resurrect/rewrite a scenario that I put together for a Games Day game I did a few years ago for Games Workshop, I need to give this more thought, but i need to get Triples out of the way first.

Its looking like its going to be a busy few weeks, not withstanding all the scenery and terrain that I have sat here in boxes to be worked on for Battlefront Miniatures for their Official FoW GT in September, and the pile of parcels I have to pack for Fanderson Sales, to be honest I just do not have the time to go and do a 'proper' job.

Hey ho better get on as I have a pile of orders to process and pack.....

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