Friday, 29 April 2011

Flames of War German army.

The Mid/Late War German army for Flames of War is expanding, which is a bit of an understatement.

From humble beginnings in late Jan 2011 when I assembled and painted my first platoon of Panzer 4 Hs and a platoon of Panther As, I was dreading starting the infantry bases.

Having tentatively started assembling the infantry bases, I was really not looking forward to painting them, but starting form the base up I gave it a go, After a relatively slow start I began to get faster and faster, and actually started enjoying the painting experience, I hjad painted three platoons of Grenadiers. When I looked at starting my Falschirmjager company I was a first a bit daunted, 26 medium bases and 10 small bases, all infantry, however I was able to paint them faster than I thought. I assembled the figures Friday evening, textured the bases Saturday morning and then primed them Saturday afternoon, I started painting them on Sunday morning and I had the whole lot finished by Monday! Definitely not doing that again though due to the back ache!

From mid Feb onwards I got my second wind and flew through the models, infantry ans vehicles alike, they are not too bad when you have a system. I have just about filled my 'Battlefoam Flames of War' case and have very nearly filled the overflow 'KR Multicase' too.

I am currently working on a platoon of 3.7cm static AA guns, two sections of Wespe 10.5 cm self propelled guns, and a section of Panzerwerfer 42s.

I still need to buy a few more bits and pieces tank wise to finish off the army, and some aircraft for good measure, which should fill both bags completely.

I can then look at going back and starting my 1st choice army and first FoW purchases, my US 2nd Armoured Division 'Hell on Wheels'.

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