Friday, 27 May 2011

Even more Flames of War pt 3.

I have not done too much on my FoW models recently, been pretty busy with other stuff, most of it 'real life' and not model related. I got the Tigers and Hornisse's finished the other week and had eight Panzerwerfer 42's along with four bases of additional crew sat part painted.

Anyway after all my other running about and taking my mother to and from hospital earlier this week, I have gotten off to an absolute flyer repairing and painting 40 hills of varying sizes for Battlefront Miniatures.

In addition I also got all eight of the Panzerwerfer 42s camouflaged on Tuesday evening, I could not finishe them as planned on theTuesday evening as the GCN council meeting we had booked on SKYPE took up a fair old amount of time, however I did get all the camouflage finished before going to bed. So Wednesday evening the Devlan Mud wash was applied and Thursday evening saw the 'dirt' drybrushing applied, the decals added and a protective coat of varnish sprayed on when the decal softner was fully dry. I then proceeded to fill up more slots in the second of the German FoW army cases, its nearly full, now but not quite as I still have space for a few more Opel Blitz 3 ton trucks etc. I also need to find space in that box for the ten Plastic Soldier Company's IP Panzer 4 kits, along with a wing of German aircraft that should be that box full. My Battle Foam, FoW bag only has one slot left in it, so that will be pretty much it for the German's.

Being as I had completed all forty of the hills for Battlefront in the first batch, I took the finished scenery back to their offices in Nottingham and collected an even bigger batch of large and medium sized hills, sixty of them are now sat in boxes in my workshop awaiting attention from Tuesday onwards of next week.

All being well most of those will be finished by this time next week too.

Next job for this week is the Partizan war gaming show in Newark on Sunday where I will be running a FoW demo game, thankfully Monday is a bank holiday so I will get a lie in bed all being well.....

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