Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Even more Flames of War pt 2.

The new batch of Flames of War models are coming along nicely, although they are taking a bit longer to paint that was previously the case.

The reason for this is that I have no Army Painter Late War German Armour spray left, I ran out on the last batch, it would also appear that not many other people or stockist in the UK have any either, as everywhere you try is out of stock waiting for deliveries, even Battlefront themselves have no stock ATM.

Which meant that if I wanted these models to use any time soon that I would be reverting back to the old undercoat by brush system to do this batch of AFVs, so out came the Vallejo Middlestone bottle and I got stuck in.

This is where my earlier comment comes to the fore, had I been able to spray the batch of models it would have taken me no more than twenty minutes to do the lot, as it turned out, undercoating the fourteen vehicles by brush took me the better part of three hours! Painting the odd vehicle here and there by brush is one thing, but using the spray saves so much time, granted its more expensive to spray when compared to brush painting, but boy does it save you a lot of time.

Anyway that was Tuesday afternoons job, I gave all the vehicles heavy dry brush Tuesday night and so they were all ready for the detail painting and camouflage.

I had an hour this morning so all the metallic parts, tracks, tools etc were painted on the two Tigers, the two Hornisse and the Wespe. Not started the Panzerwerfer 42s yet though, I think that I will finish the tanks/tank hunters first then drop back onto the others.

I had a break for lunch and to write a couple of Blogs! and I now have a load of merchandise to pack for Fanderson Sales, then off to the post office when I have finished packing, I might be able to get another hour on the tanks in later on this afternoon if I am lucky and hopefully get a bit more done.

Off to the alternate Wednesday evening COGS session tonight at 7.00pm, so no more painting tonight either. I am playing a 1750 points mid war game tonight, its a practice game for my COGS buddy Richard who is taking part in a Mid War GT at Maelstrom Games in June...

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