Thursday, 18 August 2011

An interesting couple of weeks!

When I say interesting I do not mean it in a positive way, well not all of it anyway!

It all started back during the third week of July with what I though was just a summer cold, nah it was proper 'man flu', the reason I know it was a bad virus was when the wife caught it, the previous week it was a case of get over yourself its only a cold despite my vigorous pleadings that it was more than that. Christine soon altered her opinion when she started with the symptoms, and after spending the better part of the weekend in bed stated that her 'illness' was worse then mine, well she is a nurse so she should know!

The really annoying part of this was that Chris had booked that week off work, typical, we do have a holiday planned, but that is not until the new year, but thought we could go out with the dogs for some nice trips out, well all of that went out of the window. Chris had berated me the week before as I had a GCN council meeting planned at GW HQ on the Tuesday, which just happened to be my birthday as well, however as it turned out my being out all day just meant that she got to sleep more with out my disturbing her.

One week on the flu was going, thankfully, only to be replaced with a chesty cough which I have now just about recovered from.

The hobby took a real hit that week and fared little better following week as well, it was a good job I cleared so much scenery in the preceding months. On the Monday I started work on the 15mm scale resin buildings I had purchased recently for the western European village/town, and then ground to a complete stop.

I had to go to a funeral for my cousins husband on the Tuesday, this is never good even when you are expecting the worse to happen. Granted I got cracking on the buildings again on the Wednesday, then I had to attend the 'speed awareness' course for the speeding ticket I picked up going to Comic Con Wales in early June, 4 1/2 hours and £92 later, or rather all Thursday gone out of the window as it turned out. The car had to taken into the dealership Friday morning as we had a recall notice as something on one of the chips need to be updated for some reason. Although I did get to spend Friday afternoon working on my buildings.

This week has proved a bit more of a productive week thankfully, I finished all of my current 15mm buildings, a row of four shops, a row of four houses, a large Cafe, a large shop with entryway and an out house for good measure. I also decided to construct some custom road sections, using vac formed plasti card that represents paving, which is glued to some thick card stock, these road sections will look better with the buildings than my other road sections which lean towards the 'rural'. I also worked on some club scenery while I was doing my own, we now have a nice selection of 15mm terrain being as we have attracted a few new Flames of war players recently, but wanted to fill it out a bit more and as Wargames Emporium owed the club some scenery, we now have a couple of boxes of the Battlefield in a Box Rural Roads and Vineyard sets all ready for use.

I am at Maelstrom Games again on Sunday for one of our COGS all day game day's, and might look at picking up a couple more buildings from the 'Total Battle Miniatures' range, I only need the odd building or two now as I have a few already.

My 15mm scenery collection is growing apace, and I now have more than enough to fill at least two 6 x4 foot boards, at a push I could probably do three!

Onwards and upwards, as I have platoon of 120mm heavy mortars to paint, and my three entries for the Iron Cross painting competition at the Flames of War GT in a couple of weekends time need loads of work on them....

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  1. Ah, yes "Total Battle Minatures", nice models. They are the ones used on the maelstrom tables, both when we did our big games and at the tourney.

    I just had a look at the town bases, but the gaps seem to be too small for my fieldworks buildings.

    Hmmm... I wonder if I can use the same approach though. This will take some thought!

    Oh I did just find a cheap way to do cobblestone streets! Leatherette. It has a pattern that is not that dissimilar to cobbles at 15mm and is cheap as well!