Friday, 7 October 2011

Flames of War an update.

Been a while since my last Blog, I have been quite busy with one thing or another, we managed to get a nice week away in Scotland in the second week of Sept and we are now in the middle of building work as we have an extension being built on the rear of the house. Lord above I will be glad when its finished, the mess is driving me nuts!

Enough of real life, back to the models, last Blog I had just about completed all the Germans models I had left, and so I turned my attention to the pile of untouched US models, however the models built and painted for my US forces were for the Iron Cross Painting Competition held at the Official European Flames of war grand Tournament held over the weekend of 3rd and 4th Sept. I thought that I would give the first painting comp a go, I did not expect to get anywhere and so I did not have my hopes dashed when I failed to win any of the five categories I entered, although I did not disgrace myself, so will settle for that. I will get back to them once all the German models are out of the way.

Freshly painted is another platoon of Pak 36's and a 10.5 cm heavy mortar platoon for my Falschirmjager force, a platoon of 15cm NW41 Nebelwerfers, along with three heavy weapon upgrades for Grenadier HQ and two more StuGs.

Sat glued to their bases with the filler drying is Von Der Heydte and his tank hunter teams for the Falschirmjager force, and a Grenadier assault platoon.

When those are finished, I can then turn my attention to the pile of early war German tanks, for either a Light Panzer Company or Medium Panzer Company. Although they looks to be a lot sat there in blisters, I can rattle through them very quickly so they should not take me too long to build and paint.

With the early war Panzers completed that really will be the end of the Germans, as I will have filled two entire FoW kit bags, but can now do early, mid and late war for the Germans.....

Then is back to the US models, watch out for further updates and maybe a few pictures too!!

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