Sunday, 31 July 2011

Nearly finished the german FoW army, no not quite!

Well there I was thinking that I had about finished the German side of things for Flames of War.

I got pretty close it has to be said, but I had to purchase that one extra blister didn't I. Well to be honest it was three blisters I actually purchased, a section of PaK38 anti tank guns, a section of Pak 36 anti tank guns and a section of Fallschirmjager PaK 36 anti tank guns, which were all assembled and painted in quite a quick time frame it has to be said.

I had made a bit of a start on the six infantry bases I am using from the Infantry Aces blister pack, but real life kept getting in the way, then a bout of flu, which was diaganosed as 'man flu' by the wife until she caught it, then is was proper flu, typical.

The illness may have slowed down the painting, but it did not stop me from going on-line to buy more stuff, so I now have a blister of Fallschirmjager heavy mortars to get cracking on, not too bad a build job and as the boxes are getting very nearly full to bursting, I am definitely slowing down with the Germans, although I have now worked out what I need to purchase to have an early war force. The list of early war tanks is not that long and so I am going to build a Light/Medium tank company which I will be able to use for mid war as well, and with those tanks purchased, all space in both my German carry cases will be used, so a good place to stop.

Stop with the German that is, I have also bought a few more bits and pieces recently for the US army, although the blisters I have bought this last week are for building to enter the 'Iron Cross' painting competition at the Official Flames of War European Grand Tournament in Nottingham on the 3rd and 4th September, where I will be all weekend long as I am helping out at the event.

I feel the urge to enter some models at this competition, to be honest I think this will be my one and only shot at this doing something like this in this scale as the old eyesight is not what it used to be.

I will write up a blog of what I intend to build and enter in a couple of weeks when I have finally decided, I have a few idea's I am just not 100% on them yet.

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